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Genocide: Cambodia and Around the World

Genocide: Cambodia and Around the World

This year, all incoming students were asked to read "Lucky Child," by Luong Ung. The book details her survival of the Khmer Rouge genocide, and her return to Cambodia to seek out family that was left behind there. To coincide with this, the Library has installed an exhibit designed to provide some background information on the Khmer Rouge regime, which, under dictator Pol Pot, was responsible for as many as 2 million deaths between 1975-1979. Another portion of the exhibit details current and recent genocides, and the cases inside the library highlight organizations that are working to combat the atrocities of genocide and related issues.

Please stop by the DiMenna-Nyselius Library to see the exhibit. Not able to make it in person? You can see pictures of the exhibit by clicking on the links below:
See a slideshow of the exhibit
See pictures and leave comments

Additionally, there is a wealth of information online about topics covered in this exhibit, including: