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Darwin Exhibit: Mystery of Mysteries Examined

Darwin Exhibit: Mystery of Mysteries Examined

It has been 150 years since the first publication of Origin of Species by Charles Darwin. The library is celebrating this monumental achievement with an exhibit in the lobby which will run from now until January 10,2010. Come learn about Darwin, his childhood, and what led him to discover and publish his theory on natural selection.

Find out about Darwin's epic voyage aboard the HMS Beagle. Read about the work he performed during his travels aboard the ship including the animals he studied and his research in the Galapagos Islands. While aboard the HMS Beagle Darwin said, "As a naturalist, I was much struck by certain facts. These facts seemed to throw some light on the origin of species-that mystery of mysteries."

There is a small model of the HMS Beagle on display and a map detailing where it traveled on its five-year voyage. See samples similar to the ones Darwin would have taken while on shore and learn how his work has impacted the scientific community over the decades.

You may also be interested in learning about Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, a Jesuit priest who integrated Darwin's theories into his theological work. Also featured are cartoons about Darwin, and cartoons and images about the Scopes trial of 1926 which challenged the prohibition on teaching evolution in public schools.

The library currently carries many of Darwin's works including The Origin of Species, Evolution, The Voyage of the Beagle, and more. A special thank you to Colette Ostrowski, Serials Specialist at the Library, for spearheading this exhibit and sharing her knowledge about Darwin and his work.

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