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Library Exhibits

Bellarmine Museum of Art

Bellarmine Museum of Art

To celebrate the opening of the Bellarmine Museum of Art and to inform the University community about it, DiMenna-Nyselius Library has on view through December, 2010 exhibits containing materials that both describe the Bellarine Museum of Art and it’s collections, and also relate those collections to Library resources.

Among the works featured are a plaster cast of a marble original representing a Lapith youth from the Temple of Zeus at Olympia, 470-457 BCE, lent by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and a new plaster cast of a boy from a fragmentary Greek marble grave stele of 550 BCE in the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Fairfield University publicly inaugurated the Bellarmine Museum of Art on October 25, 2010. The BMA’s mission statement outlines its objectives:

“…The Bellarmine Museum is dedicated to preserving, studying, and exhibiting those objects entrusted to its care, while never losing sight of its obligation to educate and inspire its many audiences, for the greater enrichment of all.”

To learn more about the Museum, go to