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Archives & Special Collections


Resources on the history of Fairfield University and related topics.

University Archives

The University Archives is the repository for material relevant to the history, culture and ongoing development of Fairfield University. Topics include administrative records, campus buildings and grounds, academic life, and student life.

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Special Collections

Saint John's Bible

This seven-volume Heritage Edition of the Saint John's Bible is an expression of both art and theology. Created by artists working in a scriptorium in Wales in tandem with scholars at St. John's University in Central Minnesota, the St. John's Bible is the first and only handwritten, illuminated Bible in the modern era. 

Walter J. Petry, Jr. Collection - Nicaragua: the Sandinista Years, 1979-1990

This eclectic collection of material includes books, newspapers, journals, pamphlets, posters and objects related to the Sandinista Revolution in Nicaragua.
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Book of Kells

Created by Celtic monks c. 800 AD, the Book of Kells is an illuminated manuscript, containing the four New Testament gospels in Latin. Richly illustrated, this facsimile edition is a stunning combination of Christian iconography, Western calligraphy, and insular art. 

Nicholas B. Scheetz Celtic Collection

This collection currently comprises nearly 500 items representing the historical arc of Celtic literatures, and their influence on the geographic/spatial concerns of Celtic languages across the British and Irish Isles.
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Digital Collections

Fairfield University History Online is an online database of historical material related to the history of Fairfield University. It also contains online access to many of our special collections.  Also feel free to check out our Image Archive, now available on DigitalCommons@Fairfield.  As a general reference, please feel free to check out our 75th Anniversary Timeline, available as a PDF document posted below.

Accessing Our Online Historical Collections

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