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Fairfield University Magazine

Fairfield University Magazine, the flagship publication for the campus, offers up-to-date news stories on University initiatives, programs, faculty, students, alumni and major events on campus.  It is published four times during the year (November, March, June, September) by Fairfield University. 

To access current issues of the Fairfield University Magazine, please visit: Fairfield University Magazine.

For issues from 1978 through 2020, please visit our archival collection on DigitalCommons@Fairfield: Fairfield University Magazine (2010-2020) and Fairfield Now (1978-2009).

The Manor - Fairfield University Yearbook

Image Not Found!Yearbooks contain text and photographs celebrating the graduating seniors and events of the year.  They often contain: photographs, pictures of the senior class, summaries of campus activities, clubs, sports and references to major world events.  They may also include photos of administrators, faculty, and staff.  Ads are at the back for patrons and local businesses.

Yearbooks are available in print on the main floor of the library in the reference section.  These are for in-library use only.

To access yearbooks from 1951 through 2022, please visit: Manor Yearbooks, available through DigitalCommons@Fairfield.

Course Catalogs (1947 - 2011)

Course catalogs or bulletins are a great source of information about ongoing curriculum changes at the University.  They list courses, faculty and administrative personnel.  In addition, they offer information regarding mission, degrees awarded, tuition fees, core requirements, and brief histories of departments and schools within the University.

To access course catalogs from 1947 through 2011, please visit: Course Catalogs, available through DigitalCommons@Fairfield.

For Research Help

For research outside the scope of Fairfield University history, you may wish to schedule appointment with a research librarian. You can do that here:  Schedule an Appointment with a Librarian.

Don't need a full appointment? You can Ask a Librarian by phone, text, email, or chat!

For primary research related to Fairfield University history in our Archives & Special Collections, click here to Schedule an Appointment with the University Archivist.

Also if you are planning in-person use of archival materials, please check out our Research Guidelines before your appointment. 

Student Newspapers

Student newspapers contain articles about current events on campus and in the world, editorial pieces including letters to the editor, reviews of plays and music, photographs, ads for local goods and services, as well as publicity for upcoming events on and off campus.  They are a great source of primary research about campus life. 

Student newspapers can be found at DigitalCommons@Fairfield:

Student Newspapers

(1947) The Tentative

(1948-1949) The Fulcrum

(1949-1970) The Stag

(1970-1977) The University Voice*

(1977-2014) The Fairfield Mirror

*(this collection is still being digitized; only the first few years are available online at this time)

The Mirror (1977-present)

The Mirror is Fairfield University's official student newspaper.  For current issues, please visit:  The Mirror.

For issues from 1977 through 2014, please visit DigitalCommons@Fairfield by clicking here: The Mirror (1977-2014).


This collection offers about two hundred photograph of early campus buildings, people, and includes some campus events.  Information about each photo is included.  Please feel free to visit this ongoing collection at DigitalCommons@Fairfield:

Image Archive

Don't forget!  The Manor yearbook is also a great source for photographs.

More Collections on DigitalCommons@Fairfield

To access more historical collections related to Fairfield University, feel free to visit our home page at University Archives, on DigitalCommons@Fairfield.

Special Collections material is also available - visit Special Collections at DigitalCommons@Fairfield.