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Library Exhibits

Treasures Under the Tree: Fairfield's Christmas Past

Treasures Under the Tree

Please visit the DiMenna-Nyselius Library
now through January 15, 2013 to see our whimsical toy exhibit:
Treasures Under the Tree: Fairfield’s Christmas Past.

Featured are late 19th and early 20th century toys generously loaned to us from the Collection of the Fairfield Museum and History Center, including:

  •  Six puppets with painted wood head and legs, and printed cotton garment from the late 19th century.  The “body” is formed when a stick is inserted from beneath, up into the head.  The puppets remind us of Punch and Judy shows.
  • Charming early 20th century yellow painted wood doll house furniture.
  • Late 19th century cloth stuffed cats.
  • Delightful toy Noah’s Ark consisting of a painted wood ark, 48 different animals and 10 people representing Noah’s family.

Also prominently featured from the University Archives is a doll that belonged to Amelia Lashar Houghton, one of the original residents of Hearthstone Hall, now known as Bellarmine Hall.  The doll is roughly 30” tall, has a bisque head and wood or composite body, real human hair, and is believed to be from France.  This doll has been reconditioned for display by library staffer and artist Debbie Gwiazdowski.