Zotero User Guide: 1. Create a Zotero Account

1. Go to the homepage

Registering for a Zotero account is quick and easy. First, go to the Zotero homepage, www.zotero.org

Then, click "log in."

Zotero homepage with a red arrow pointing to the "log in" link in the top right area

2. Register for a free account

Once you're at the login page, click "register for a free account" just above the login boxes.

Screenshot of the Zotero login page with a red arrow pointing to the "register for a free account" link above the login boxes

3. Create an account

Once you've gotten to the registration page, you'll create a username and password and link your account to an email address. You do not have to link your Zotero account to your Fairfield email address. If you do choose to do that, just make sure to link another email address to your account sometime before you graduate.

Zotero is free and gives you 300 MB of storage to start with. Unless you're saving a massive amount of PDFs to your account, you may never even fill that up. However, you can also upgrade your storage with a yearly subscription.

Screenshot of the Zotero account registration page