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RLST 1201: Hebrew Bible/Old Testament / RLST 2210 Feminist Interpretations of the Bible (Langton): Required Article Databases

Required Databases

Recommended Journals

Your professor has a list of preferred journals for you to find articles in. See below.

Not sure how to search a specific journal? Check out our Access Individual Journals & Specific Articles, linked in the list under the Research Tutorials tab here.

If you're searching a database and want to see if an article you found is from one of these preferred journals, look at the info page for the article. It will be there somewhere under a label like "Journal" or "Source."

  • Journal of Theological Studies
  • Journal for the Study of the Old Testament
  • Journal of Biblical Literature
  • Vetus Testamentum
  • Biblica
  • Journal of the Ancient Near Eastern Society
  • Journal of Hebrew Scriptures
  • Biblical Interpretation
  • The Catholic Biblical Quarterly
  • Biblica
  • Review Biblique
  • Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion