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Why Use Statistics?

Statistics help you to:

  1. Strengthen your position and argument.
  2. Provide objectivity to your argument, allowing it to be debated on the facts.
  3. Provide context for the topic in discussion. 

Writing with Statistics

Evaluating Statistics

Evaluating Statistics:

All statistical data should be evaluated for the following criteria prior to use:


  • Who are the authors?
  • What are the authors' qualifications?
  • What authority do the authors have to present these statistics?

Date Coverage

  • What is the date range of the data?
  •  Are the statistics intended to be current or historical?


  • Who is the intended audience of these statistics?
  • What type of publication is the data published in?
  • Is the data clearly represented?


  • Are the statistics accurate?
  • Can they be verified?
  • Is there bias in the statistics or their presentation?