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For Contributors

This page contains information that is useful for anyone wanting to contribute to Digital Commons

Who can contribute?

At the present time, priority is being given to faculty and staff publications. However, individuals affiliated with any Fairfield University school, department, center, program, or other campus unit can contribute. Other groups that do not fall under this definition will be considered by the Advisory Board on a case-by-case basis.

What if my material is not in a digital format?

At the present time, priority is being given to materials that are in digital format.  If you have a work or research that is not in a digital format and needs to be digitized please contact the repository team at 

Can I post files that are related to the primary work?

Yes, you may submit any digital material that is related to your article/research as an associated file.  This is an advantage of a digital environment over traditional publishing.  However, please note that if specific software is required to view the associated files, DigitalCommons@Fairfield does not provide that software. The associated files may be submitted to the Project Coordinator at

Why Contribute?

DigitalCommons@Fairfield makes the scholarship of Fairfield University easily available in one location online, enabling increased access to colleagues (both at Fairfield and beyond), students and the greater internet community.  Works placed in the repository are more easily discovered in common internet search engines as well as other academic search portals.  This greater access makes it easier for researchers around the world to discover your work.

In addition, because a permanent URL is established, researchers can cite these works without the normal concerns regarding content online disappearing or moving.  DigitalCommons@Fairfield is a valuable way to extend the scholarly output of Fairfield University to include greater reach and increased circulation not only in Connecticut, but throughout the country and beyond. This increased visibility, awareness, and stability benefits both content creators and Fairfield University as well.


• Increased visibility: DigitalCommons@Fairfield opens up the accessibility of your content increasing its discoverability and usability by making it available through common online search tools allowing the author to gain wider distribution of their scholarly output.

Permanence: DigitalCommons@Fairfield provides a stable URL to your publications so your research will always be findable.

E-Publishing: DigitalCommons@Fairfield facilitates creation of electronic journals, newsletters and conferences.

Grant requirements: Submitting your works to DigitalCommons@Fairfield can help meet the criterion of some grants with data-sharing aspects.  An example is those funded by the NIH.

What materials can be contributed?

DigitalCommons@Fairfield plans to achieve very broad collection development goals for our digital collections.  However, at the present time priority is being given to faculty publications available in digital format.

Appropriate content may be added following the guidelines below:

  • The work must be original, produced and submitted, or sponsored by a faculty, student, staff, department, program or center of Fairfield University. 
  • The work must be creative, scholarly in nature, research oriented, or of institutional significance.
  • The author must own the copyright to all components and content within the work, or have received and shown permission to have the material available on DigitalCommons@Fairfield.  
  • Library personnel will check for publisher copyright policies on behalf of faculty.  The first step is to contact the Project Coordinator for DigitalCommons@Fairfield at with your CV or other information regarding any content you would like added to the repository.
  • If your work contains images, music, data sets, or other accompanying material that is not original work created by you, you must include permission from the original content provider or those items will not be included in the IR submission.
  • If your work includes interviews, you must include a statement that you have permission from the interviewee(s) to make their interviews public.
  • Contributors may include non-affiliated scholars if they are co-authoring with Fairfield University authors or are affiliated closely with the University, e.g., are emeritus professors, or hold honorary appointments.
  • Because deposits are intended to be permanent contributions to the repository, works that are in progress or ephemeral in nature will not be accepted.

Additional Information:

  • Some material may be available only to current faculty, staff and students.
  • At present, there is no formal limit to size of material.
  • Most file formats are acceptable.
  • Textual files are automatically converted to PDF format during the upload process.
  • For audio, image and video files, please contact the Project Coordinator at for guidance.

Click here to view the full DigitalCommons@Fairfield Policies and Submission Guidelines.

Librarian Liaisons

If you'd like to contact your librarian liaison, please see this list.