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Library of Things: Under Desk Pedal Exerciser

Thought you could only check out books from the library? Think again...

For Use Under Desk

For Use Under Desk:

You will need clearance of at least 13 inches from your knee to the table to use the pedaler under a desk.


Parts and Functions


  • Auto Power On - Display turns on automatically when you start to pedal
  • Auto Power Off - Display turns off automatically after 5 minutes of inactivity
  • Pause Timer - Timer is paused when exerciser is idle for 3 seconds. "STOP" sign will appear on the top left corner of the display.
  • Restart - Erase data of most recent workout. Press and hold red button for 2 seconds. To reset the Total Count, remove battery.


Stores data from current/most recent workout Press the red button to select a function. A black arrow will move through the functions. 

  • TIMER (TIME) - Duration of workout
  • COUNT (CNT) - Cycle count
  • TOTAL COUNT (T.CNT) - Total cycle counts recorded
  • CALORIE (CAL) - Amount of calories burned
  • SCAN - Recall data of most recent workout. The LED will automatically display the results of "TIME", "CAL", and "T.CNT" circularly

Instructions For Use

1.    UNFOLD PEDAL EXERCISER. Pull Base Tube (A) outwards until snap button on the joint fully protrudes through the hole in the bracket and an audible click is heard. Repeat on Base Tube (B).


CAUTION! Do not place hands on joint when unfolding the pedal exerciser. Your fingers may be pinched.

2.    TENSION ADJUSTMENT. Turn knob clockwise for high tension, and counter clockwise for low tension. "High" means heavy resistance, "Low" means light resistance. Once tension level is selected, turn locknut clockwise to lock screw knob in position.

3.    STIRRUP LENGTH ADJUSTMENT. Adjust the pedal to fit your foot/ shoe size.

4.    TO USE. Place pedal exerciser on a flat surface. Sit on a comfortable chair, place each foot (or hand) on pedal in stirrup and rotate pedals. Adjust chair height where necessary.

Note: When using the pedaler as a leg exerciser, use the anchor strap to connect the main frame of the exerciser to a chair to prevent sliding. See instructions below.