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Library of Things: Ukulele

Thought you could only check out books from the library? Think again...

Check out our Ukulele!

As part of our Library of Things collection, we are pleased to include a concert-scale ukulele. For those wishing to learn, here is a quick collection of Library resources to help get you started. Ukuleles are small and portable, relatively inexpensive, easier to learn than many other instruments, and lots of fun to play. They are becoming more frequently circulated in library collections, and more commonly used in music education at all levels. 

We kindly ask that you refrain from practicing inside the Library to avoid distraction; however, we do still want to hear you play! Tag @fairfieldulib in your ukulele social media posts to share your talent with the Fairfield Library community!

Getting Started

Tuning the Ukulele
The ukulele uses re-entrant tuning: the top string is higher than the next two strings, instead of each string being tuned in ascending order. If you do not have a tuner, you can download an app to your phone. Pano Tuner is one free option that works on both iPhone and Android, but there are several others. 
Western music notation for standard tuning of a ukulele


Method Books
If you do not read music notation, the ukulele is very forgiving when learning to play by ear. 
However, if you would like to use a method book, you have access to this beginner eBook through the Fairfield University Library:

Listening and Inspiration

For historical and recent recordings of ukulele players, search “ukulele” in any of these audio databases accessible through the Library: