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Sent by Stags: Basic Guidelines

This page is for Fairfield University students who have signed up for the Sent by Stags letter exchange program for Spring 2021

How does this program work?

After program registration closes, each student will be provided with the name and mailing information of one Fairfield University student to correspond with. The student you are matched with will also receive your mailing address.  In addition email addresses will be provided in case you need to share a change in address at any point during the semester.

Ideally you and your "pen pal" will exchange one letter per month during the Fall 2021 semester for a total of at least 3 letters. You can send more than 3 letters if you want to, and of course you can continue to write to each other after the semester ends if you both decide to continue your correspondence.

You can write about ANYTHING. Introduce yourself. Reflect on your experience on or off-campus. Or use some of the writing prompts on this website.

Handwritten letters are highly encouraged but typed letters are okay too!


  • Double check that you addressed your letter correctly, added a stamp, and put your return address on the envelope in case it were to be returned to you after spending your energy writing a heart-felt letter. 
  • If you are physically on campus AND writing to someone else on campus you do not need to use a stamp. You can drop your letter to the campus mail room with their full name and box number on the envelope and tell the person it is for a student mail box.
  • If you are writing to someone with an international address check with the post office or mail room about the number of stamps needed.
  • Try to send your October letter as soon as you get your pen pal assignment! 
  • Remember to check your mailbox! If you live on campus you will not receive a notification that you received mail like you would if you were to receive a package.
  • Need envelopes? Email the Student Engagement & Outreach Librarian, Lisa Thornell, at if you need a few OR you can purchase them at the campus bookstore (next to the mail room).