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What is SelectedWorks?

SelectedWorks is a research announcement tool to maximize the readership and impact of your work.  These customizable, individual faculty webpages may include biographical and contact information, a photograph, a CV, citation only or full-text of works, or any other professional or research-related materials.

Establishing a SelectedWorks site


  • SelectedWorks pages are available to Fairfield University faculty members who contribute content to DigitalCommons@Fairfield.
  • Library staff will create your Selected Works page.


  • The first step is to contact the Project Coordinator for DigitalCommons@Fairfield at with your CV or other information regarding any content you would like added to the repository.
  • Library staff will conduct all the necessary rights-checking and metadata gathering and the permissible content will be uploaded into DigitalCommons@Fairfield.


  • After your content has been loaded into the repository, Library staff will create your SelectedWorks page and “collect” all the content in the repository over to your SelectedWorks page.
  • You will receive an automatically generated email once your SelectedWorks site is visible on our site. At that time you may go into your SelectedWorks account and edit it as you see fit.
  • Once your site has been created, it is recommended that you share the URL in your Outlook email signature and on your personal webpage.

NOTE: It is very important to have all permissible content first loaded into DigitalCommons@Fairfield to avoid technical and access issues. Thank you for your cooperation. Your questions are welcomed via

SelectedWorks FAQs

Why SelectedWorks?

  • A SelectedWorks site offers tools that allow you to easily manage your work, generate readership reports, and send mailings.  It will also rank higher than a personal website in Google and other search engine results because sites are aggregated with all bepress content.

Can SelectedWorks be customized?

  • A SelectedWorks site can be customized in several ways.  You may easily include or exclude information such as: your photo, an introductory paragraph (brief bio or personal information), your vitae, contact information, honors and awards, areas of expertise, courses taught and links to additional resources.
  • Please note that layout and design are not customizable, only content.

Statistics provided by SelectedWorks

  • Once there is content available on your site, you will be able to see how many times each articles has been downloaded.  There is a report built into the system which provides the contributor with the title of their content, the date it was posted in the Digital Commons@Fairfield site and the total number of times it has been downloaded. 

 Other advantages

  • You can keep your SelectedWorks site up and available when you leave an institution because all content posted is perpetually available.  If your new institution also has a SelectedWorks account, then you can change your current SelectedWorks account to reflect the look and feel of your new institution.
  • In addition, the contributor has the ability to send out announcement emails to a predetermined list or to specific individuals.  Among the mailings lists are a mailing to announce the site, to inform of new content or a blank message option to allow the contributor the option of writing whatever is appropriate.  As noted above, once your site has been created it is recommended that you share the URL in your Outlook email signature and on your personal webpage.
  • Finally, SelectedWorks provides the ability to assign editors who would also have the ability to edit the page and upload content.


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