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Find Demographic/Consumer Information

Library Databases


Find Company Financials

Library Databases


Find Industry Information

Library Databases

Find Books, eBooks, and Movies

Can't find the book or article you want? Try Interlibrary Loan (ILL)! We also have an ILL FAQ for more info!


Find Background Information


General Background Sources:

Discipline-Specific Background Sources:

Use Compustat, CRSP, WRDS, and FactSet

Fairfield University subscribes to Compustat, CRSP, and FactSet services through the Dolan School of Business and provides access to them for students and faculty of the university.

  • Compustat provides accounting information for US firms
  • The Center for Research in Security Prices (CRSP) provides access to market data for US firms

Both are accessed through the Wharton Research Data Service (WRDS).

  • WRDS includes financial datasets such as company accounting information, stock price information, patent information, operational business information and more for firms and in the US and around the world

Cite Your Sources

Questions about Citations? Save time, ask a Librarian!

Working on a big project and need help with citations? Try Zotero, a citation manager that connects with your browser to save full text, organize sources, and create citations. Don't have a lot of time? You can safely generate a citation using ZoteroBib!


Find Other Resources in the Academic Commons

The Library isn't the only resource available to you! The following departments are housed in the Library, but provide different services than the Librarians do:

  • The Office of Accessibility
  • The Fredrickson Family Innovation Lab
  • Global Fairfield
  • The ITS Help Desk
  • The Math Center
  • The Science Center
  • The Writing Center

Click here to find out more about the Academic Commons!

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