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Past FUAM Exhibition-Rodin

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Biographical Information on Auguste René Rodin (1840 – 1917)

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Rodin, Auguste 1840-1917

Musée Rodin


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Sculpture, Modern -- 19th century

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Rodin in His Time (Film)

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Rodin in His Time

ARTE France
(52 min., 5 sec)

"The 19th century is like no other: an aesthetic, scientific and political bubbling is changing the face of the world. Paris is a genuine cultural hub. An intellectual and artistic elite was formed including Auguste Rodin. Bold and gifted, he and others altered this era forever. Rodin’s destiny is both singular and closely context related. Fed by a public and private correspondence, this film will draw the strands of his life and reminds the background when required. However, it will be anything but a commemoration: Rodin is still alive because eternal. In Paris, his sculptures are an integral part of the urban decor: The Penseur and Balzac at Varenne subway station, the D’Alembert at the town Hall… Through constant back and forth between past and present, this film is about Rodin’s spirit, forever among us."


Rodin and Modernity (5:55); Rodin the Apprentice (4:49); "The Gates of Hell" (3:34); Rodin's Personal Life (4:36); Rodin's Growing Fame (7:18); Balzac Monument (7:44); Rodin and his Students (2:23); Rodin's Continued Success (5:59); Rodin's Creative Concept (8:44); Credits: Rodin In His Time (0:57);