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HR 1101: What we Leave Behind: Fashion and Decor Through the Ages



HR 1101- What we Leave Behind: Fashion & Decor Through the Ages 

This course guide is meant for you to use throughout the semester to do your Period Research Project. If you have any questions after our research class you can schedule a one-on-one research appointment, email or instant message us through Ask A Librarian (see box to the right).


Assignment language provided by Professor Porter and Professor Learson:


Period Research Project  (30% of grade)

Each student will choose a particular period to research. You will gather detailed information about:
• The history of the period, including major historical events, religious beliefs and social norms
• Visual artists and art works of the period
• Music and musicians of the period
• Principle male and female silhouettes of the period
• Architectural innovations and norms of the period
• Major public buildings, ecclesiastical buildings or monuments of the period
• Domestic architecture of the period
• Interior design features of the period
• Use of textiles in the period
• Decorative motifs of the period
• Furniture of the period

You will assemble your information into a written document, as well as a two-page summary of your research, to be used as a handout in class.
You will also assemble a detailed Reference Morgue, using PowerPoint.
• The reference morgue is a means to gain a stronger and more profound understanding of the periods of study. You will gather, analyze and organize pictorial, literary, and cultural enrichment research pieces.
• Research may be collected from libraries, museums, the Internet, magazines and other appropriate sources. Appropriate bibliographical annotations are expected.


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