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Fairfield University subscribes to hundreds of databases which contain articles from academic journals, newspapers, and magazines on all topics. If you are not sure which database to use, try "All Search" - a tool that allows you to search for articles from many databases at once.

  1. Begin at the search box on the library home page in the tab labeled "ALL" and search using two or more keywords. Then narrow down the results by selecting from the limits, or facets, listed on the left.
  2. To find scholarly articles that can be read online, refine the search by selecting "Full-Text Online," "Peer-Review" and limit to the content type "Journal Article." 
  3. You can narrow the results further by limiting by "Discipline" and "Publication Date."
  4. Results will show the article title, author, journal name, date, volume and issue numbers. You can get more information, such as an abstract, or summary, by hovering over the title. Click on "Full Text Online" to be directed to the article in whatever database it originates from.
  5. To create a list of articles, you can save your results fo a folder which you can email or export to a RefWorks account.

For a more focused search, try searching in a subject specific database. The Best Bests for Starting Your Research in... page or the list of databases by subject will help you select a database. If you need more help finding an article of choosing a database ask a librarian.