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PY 430 Issues in Professional Practice

Finding Articles

Databases for Psychology

Databases for Education

Databases for Sociology

Search Tips

  • If you're not sure of terminology, be sure to check if the database gives you access to its controlled vocabulary—you can usually find this in a section called "thesaurus," "subject terms," "index," or something else depending on the database
  • Searching with a subject term can often help you find articles you might not have otherwise
  • Also, don't be afraid to google your topic to see if there's updated terminology that even the database doesn't have yet—terminology is constantly changing
  • When searching databases, use AND, OR, NOT, parentheses, or any combination thereof to focus your search
  • The asterisk * symbol will search for all variations of a word (i.e., basket* will search for baskets and basketry, but also basketball, so use this wisely)
  • Using quotes will search for a phrase
  • Combine synonyms with OR and put them inside parentheses, like this:

femini* AND (film OR "motion picture")