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Films on Demand

Welcome to the Films on Demand guide! Below is a sample of some of the film collections contained within this database. Continue scrolling for tips on how to:

  • search Films on Demand
  • cite a video in Films on Demand
  • create playlists
  • link to a Films on Demand video from a Blackboard course

Search Films on Demand

Option 1: Search the library catalog by topic or by specific title

All Films on Demand titles can be found through the library catalog. 

  • From the library’s home page, click the tab called Books/Media.
  • Type your keywords or title into the search box. In the right-hand drop-down menu, select "Video" and hit SEARCH.
  • In the next screen, you will see your results. Look to the far right to note the type of content. The Video search includes both DVDs and Online Video.
  • To play an online video, simply click the link that says "Click here to view". You may be prompted to log-in with your Net-ID and password in order to view the video.
Still need help? Ask a librarian.

Option 2: Search within the Films on Demand database

The first thing you should do is sign in or create an account if you haven’t already done so.  Creating an account will allow you to access the full features of the website and signing up only takes a minute.

Once you have signed in, you can browse or search. 


  • Collection (subjects such as History or Biology)
  • Featured Producers (such as TED Talks or Ken Burns)


  • word or phrase
  • exact title

If you’d like to organize your search in advance, use the advanced search function to select options such as copyright date of film (if you’re looking for films since 2001), sort by newest to oldest to see the latest acquisitions from Films on Demand, and choose multiple subject headings to assist you in your search.  If you’d like to be ADA compliant, or if you have ESL students in your class, you can also choose only films with closed captioning.

Still need help? Ask a librarian.

Citing Films on Demand

There are citation generators beneath every video in Films on Demand. Click to generate a citation in MLA, Chicago, or APA styles.

Create Playlists

Embed a Films on Demand video in Blackboard

Step 1: Locate the video that you wish to embed.

Step 2: Below the video you will see a toolbar. Click on Share, and then click the Embed Code. Copy the code.

Step 3: Within Blackboard, create an "item". Give the item a title, but do not paste the code in the content box below. Instead, click the tiny HTML icon, which will launch a separate text box. Paste the embed code here. Hit Submit several times until you are back in the content area. Refresh the webpage and you should see the video right there in Blackboard.