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EN 101: Gateway to Literary and Cultural Studies (Madden)


Use this guide to discover peer-reviewed academic sources for Assignment 2.  See information on how to evaluate sources, find scholarly sources in library databases, trace citations to find additional sources, and cite your sources in MLA style.



Miranda (1916) – The Tempest, oil on canvas © Jan Arkesteijn/WikiCommmons 

Research Assignment

Assignment Requirements:

Assignment 2 is a 1500-1750 word research paper, that includes an Annotated Bibliography and a Works Cited. Grades are based upon the paper content plus effectiveness of researching appropriate sources and integrating those sources into the paper. You will use your reading notes, visual cues, library research guide, and THREE external, scholarly, research resources published after 2000. The paper will use correct MLA 8th edition guidelines. 

Please consult Blackboard for further assignment details. 

Important due dates:

Part One: Thesis and Annotated Bibliography Due on Blackboard March 23 at 5pm

Part Two: Paper Due on Blackboard April 3 at 5pm