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EDUC 6552: Participatory Action Research - Storms

Finding Articles

Spring 2016

Welcome, ED 552!

Welcome to your library course guide for EDUC 6552.  I'll be assisting you by pointing to the best choices within our system and on the Internet for doing your research. Feel free to come back throughout the semester for help remembering where to go within the Library's resources to find good choices for your research.

What do you need help with?

Selected Databases

Use databases to find articles on your topic. These databases are the best place to start.

Already have the citation? Find an article with citation linker !

Finding ERIC Documents

Finding ERIC Documents

ERIC is available to Fairfield University students using the ProQuest database and also publicly accessible at There are two types of materials in ERIC: journal articles and grey literature.  Grey literature may include research syntheses, conference papers, technical reports, policy papers, and other education-related materials. 

  • These materials are noted with an ERIC number beginning with ED, for ERIC Document, instead of EJ, for ERIC Journal.
  • If you see"Download Full Text" in the grey box to the right of an article, then ERIC has permission for you to download the article for free. To limit to these articles, select the "ERIC linked full text" box in ProQuest or the "Full text available on ERIC" box if searching directly in ERIC. ERIC has identified a small percentage of PDF documents (about 5.5%) as unreadable and designated these as "PDF Pending Restoration." A more readable copy will be rescanned in the future. If so designated, you can then see if the library can provide access via microfiche or through Interlibrary Loan.
  • To find free access to the full text of other articles, contact the library to see if you can get access through another databases, via microfiche or through Interlibrary Loan.

    • Search Note: For ED resources marked "Level 3," full text is not available online or in microfiche.  See a librarian to find these items.


Finding a book or article with a citation

Using Citations to Find Full Text

Using other people's bibliographies and works cited lists is a great way to find additional resources on a topic.  Once you find a book or article related to your topic, review the bibliography for additional resources. 

How do I Find an Article if I Have the Citation?

How do I Find a Book if I Have the Citation?

Peer Review in Three Minutes

This three-minute video, created by librarians at North Carolina State University, provides an introduction to the process of peer review and its role in scholarly research, and concludes by pointing to libraries for further help in finding peer-reviewed articles.

Database Searching Tips

Truncation: Append an asterisk to your keywords to include two or more variations of that word.
Example: gam* will search for game, games, gaming, gamer, etc. 

Quotation Marks: Use quotes around your terms to search for a phrase.

AND/OR: Use AND to combine terms. Combine synonyms with OR and put them inside parentheses:
"Critical thinking" AND (elementary OR 1st OR 2nd)

Journal Locator

Find specific journals,magazines, and newspapers.

Journals by Subject