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Databases Help

Databases Help

Tutorials and Help on How to Use Library Databases

Off-Campus Access

Off-Campus Access to the library is available for current students and faculty their NetID and password.

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New Design

Welcome to the newly redesigned Library Databases.

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

1. Know the name of the database you need? To access it, simply click on the alphabetical tab that it's  name starts with, and then click on the database name in the list for that letter.

2. Not sure which database to use? On the Databases Homepage, browse by subject to locate the list of databases that best fit your area of research. Click on a database  name to search within it.

3. Having trouble picking a database from the subjects provided? Visit the Research Guides for your subject to view a list of the top databases for your discipline.


For additional assistance, ask a librarian.


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Database FAQ

1. I've found a good article citation and/or abstract. How do I get the article itself?

  • Journal Locator: Check the Journal Locator to see if the periodical is available online in one of our subscription databases or in the Library (in print, on microfilm, or on microfiche).

If the periodical is not found using the Journal Locator, other options to get periodical articles include:

  • If you need the article sooner than it would take to order through Interlibrary Loan, you can check reQuest Catalog. In request, a title search will find which other libraries in Connecticut own the periodical.

For additional help or suggestions, Ask A Reference Librarian.


2. How do I choose a database to search?

  • If you are just starting your research, begin with our Research Guides. These guides, divided by subject area, give you a handful of databases that we recommend starting with.
  • On the databases page, click on the subject heading that most closely matches the topic of the information you want. Descriptions are provided for each database to help you in your selection process.
  • Still having problems? You can always Ask A Reference Librarian for suggestions.

3. Why is/isn't a particular database in a subject category?

If you think a particular database should/shouldn't be included in a particular subject category, please let us know.

Simply fill out a "Comments & Feedback" form, or e-mail us at


4. I have a Database to Recommend. How can I do that?

If you have a database in mind that you think would be suitable for our collection, simply fill out our Database Recommendation Form.

Requests will be considered by our Library Electronic Resources Committee.

5. There is a password required to access the database. How do I find out the password?

Those databases with the "key" icon under their titles require specific passwords. To obtain the password, click on the key icon and enter your NetID login/password when prompted.

Passwords will only be made available to currently registered students, faculty, and staff. See the Access to Library Services page for more information.

Note: If you are off-campus and are having trouble accessing databases see the Access to Library Services page for more information.

6. Do you "time out" from the Library Databases?

Some databases have a timeout feature that automatically logs you out of the database after a certain amount of time of inactivity. You will need to re-login to that database.

If you are accessing the Library Databases via Library Tab in StagWeb, StagWeb has default 30 minutes timeout. You can extend the timeout up to 120 minutes by clicking on "My Account" toward the upper left-hand corner of the StagWeb window. You will see an option to "Change Timeout." Select the timeout length that you would like, click on "Save Changes," click on "Done," and the problem should be resolved.

7. I e-mailed myself an article from a Library database, and when I try to open the link to the article from off-campus it doesn't work.

If you are off-campus, you may sometimes notice that the links to articles that you e-mail to yourself may not work. This is most likely because the links are not "proxied." The Library uses a technique called "proxying" to allow you to access databases and article from off-campus.

For example, say I had a link in my e-mail to an article from the Library's Proquest Newspapers database:

This link will not work from off-campus even though we are subscribers to the Proquest Newspapers database.

To make this link work from off-campus, please add in the proxy prefix before the rest of the link.
The proxy prefix is:

If you manually add in this prefix before the link that's not working, it will prompt you to log in with your NedID credentials if you are off-campus, and you should then be able to see the article from off-campus.