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HONR 1101: Enduring Questions (Ancient Rome and China)-Covaci & Rose

Welcome HR 104

Getting Started

Hello and welcome to the DiMenna-Nyselius Library! My name is Lisa Thornell and I am the librarian who will be helping you begin your research project in class today. You can use this course guide as a starting point for your research in our library research session and for the remainder of the semester.

Research Librarians are here to help you with your assignment so please contact us should you need any assistance. You can stop by the Library Services and Information Desk when you are in the library, contact us via instant message on email, text us at (203) 295-7542, or schedule an individual research appointment. Additional information about library hours, citation help, etc. is located on the library home page.


Starting Your Research:

Doing a thorough visual analysis of the art prior to this will help you generate questions. Also use details from the museum's information associated with the art to inform these questions.

Question Examples:

What interests you about the object? What do you notice?

Think: Who, What, When, Where, Medium, Subject, Composition/style

  • What is the subject (or subjects) of this work of art?   
  • What function did this object have?
  • Why was it made? (function)
  • Where? What era & place must I research? (historical context)
  • What medium did the artist use? (materials and form)
  • What distinguishes this artist’s style from others?


Open up the library session worksheet:

Class Examples

Gold aureus of Hadrian (Roman)


Marble Funerary Alter of Cominia Tyche (Roman)


Silver Cups with Relief Decoration (Roman)


Female Dancer (Chinese)


Mirror with Archers (Chinese)


Figure of a Charioteer (Chinese)


Poet Strolling by a Marshy Bank (Chinese)