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EN 161: Irish Literature (Marion White)

English 161

Finding Books

Finding Books:  This tab provides you with a search box to search the catalog for books.  You can search by topic or author.  To find information about an author, just type in their name and select subject from the drop-down menu. To find things that somone has written, type their name in the search box and select author. Books can be helpful to get indepth information about a particular subject, as well as a wider range of coverage on a topic area (as compared to journal articles).  Most academic texts are organized and written in such a way that you dont' need to read the whole thing to find it useful. Focus in on specific chapters that are relevant to what you need. Use the index and table of contents to find information quickly.

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Possible Search Terms

Possible search terms:

If you are going to research a particular event try adding the name of your event to your search, for example "Bloody Sunday" AND "mourning"

  • death or dying
  • community violence
  • mourning
  • family relationships
  • Ireland OR "Northern Ireland"
  • "the troubles"
  • grief
  • bereavement
  • trauma
  • memory OR cultural memory

Subject Headings

Find books using the library catalog. Browse these subjects to get general information on your topic.

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