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MUSC 1132: Critical Issues in American Popular Music (Torff)


Welcome MUSC 1132

Use this guide to find helpful sources for your research paper. The types of materials in this guide include:

  • Background Sources: online or in print, reference materials include encyclopedias and dictionaries
  • Books: search for books and ebooks in the library catalog
  • Articles: search for articles in library databases:
  • Research Guides: you many want to locate subject specific resources
  • Tutorials: from our website that can help with you things like finding ebooks, coming up with keywords, etc.
  • Citation: Links to our MLA citation guide

Feel free to visit the library for help using the library's resources for your research. If you need any further assistance, Ask a Librarian

Final Research Paper

Assignment Requirements:

  • 4-6 page paper on cultural appropriation. You may argue for or against cultural appropriation but you must use examples to prove your points.
  • Minimum of 7 published sources and 2 audio sources
  • Include music analysis
  • Cite your sources in MLA 8th edition style

Helpful tips:

  • Use the sources on this guide!
  • "The goal is to read, think and question in order to reach conclusions and insightful meanings."- Course Syllabus
  • "Begin by forming questions. What are the issues, conflicts, and challenges that are presented?" - Course Syllabus
  • "Don't tell us, show us. Use examples. cite sections of text and quotes to support your points. Make us believe or at least raise our own questions." - Course Syllabus
  • "Ultimately, what does the material that is presented mean to you, to us, and to society in general? State your views based on the questions you raise with your personal insight." - Course Syllabus
  • Ask for Help if you need it !

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