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Academic Integrity Tutorial for Graduate Engineering Students by DiMenna-Nyselius Library, Fairfield University

You and Community


Scholarly Community


Our scholarly community is built on academic integrity. You are an important part of the Fairfield University community of scholars. We invite you to commit to the highest standards of academic behavior, and to display courage in following through on your commitment.

In addition to being part of the larger Fairfield University community, you are also part of a community of practice. Communities of practice are groups of people who commit to learn and improve together. You are part of a community of practice in your graduate school. You may also be part of a community of practice at your workplace. Your community of practice is counting on you to work with the highest academic integrity!

Practicing academic integrity is a foundational step in the understanding of professional and ethical responsibility in engineering.

You can now take the post-test. Click the  button on the top right corner to go there!

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