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ENGL 3052: Cultural Studies Theory (Rajan)

Spring 2017


Use this guide to discover peer-reviewed academic sources for .  See information on how to evaluate sources and find background information, find additional theoretical sources, find scholarly books and journal articles in library databases, trace citations to find additional sources, and cite your sources in MLA style.

Ms. magazine [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Research Assignment

Assignment Requirements:

Check Blackboard and/or syllabus for full assignment details.

The research paper must have:

  • An annotated bibliography and an abstract
  • 15 pages in length
  • Cover sheet
  • Six sources from 2004 "that apply directly to your argument (not the topic).
  • A Works Cited page beyond the 15-page cap.
  • "A carefully research analytical essay using [six research sources] + three theoretical models--two complementary and one oppositional".
  • Analysis of cultural practices, phenomena, or artifacts that illustrates your argument (literary texts and film adaptations of literature do not count).
  • Proper acknowledgement of all sources (in MLA Style).