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Fairfield University Accessibility Portal

Accessibility Portal

A one-stop guide for faculty & staff where you will find accessibility resources for creating, checking the accessibility of your digital documents, media, and also policies that are legal requirements like the ADA, American Disabilities Act and more

Media Accessibility, Streaming & Captioning

Captioning videos is not only the right thing to do - in many learning scenarios, it is the law.

"Multimedia includes a combination of text, audio, still images, animation, or video regardless of delivery system.

Since the volume of captioning needed is immense, which make full compliance challenging (e.g., within semester or quarter time constraints), it is important for campuses to decide how to provide and support captioning. Prioritizing this effort is critical; decisions need to be based on the impact towards students, faculty, staff, and the public."

Prioritization Guidance

Overview of Captioning and Resource Links