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Literature Reviews

Literature Reviews

What is a literature Review?

- A literature review surveys relevant literature on a particular subject on a topic. A literature review examines how different knowledge was formed about your topic over time, and also helps place where your research fits in within that discussion.


What does a literature review look like?

- A literature review will often have its own section within a piece of information. This section may be called "Literature Review" but it also may be referred to as just "Review" or even "Literature Survey". Literature reviews can also be found within introduction or overview portions of papers. Below is an example of two literature reviews in the field of Software Engineering. Take a look at each example and try and identify the literature review section in each article.

How can I create a literature review?

1. Planning your review

When creating a literature review there are a number of things to consider. The first thing you will need to do is plan out your review. The list of questions below should help guide you in planning your literature review.

-What topic or topics is your research focused on?

-Where can you find information on your topic?

-What journals and databases are the best for my topic?

-Are there any prominent authors on this subject?


2. Searching for literature

When searching for relevant literature you will want to search a variety of different places. Your best bet would be start with library databases that are relevant for Software Engineering. A link to a this has been provided below. Not only should you be searching for topics of interest, but you also can search for specific authors or journal names. 

Best Databases for Software Engineering


3. Writing your literature review

Once you have found information on your topic, you will then actually need to begin writing your review. It is important to note that a literature review should not just list summaries of all of the sources you examined, but rather it should provide an analysis of the different information produced surrounding a topic over time.


For example, a literature review should not read like this...


The first article I looked at was titled .... and talked about .... . The second article I examined was titled .... and talked about .... .


Instead, it should read something like this...


Software applications have focused largely on the millennial generation and their user habits. According to [1] online navigation for millennials relies heavily on repeated ease of use and repetition. Similarly [2] indicated that failed initial online tasks will almost always result in users navigating to other means of information. 



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