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HIST 3349: The 1930s in America (Bucki)

Primary Sources

Primary Sources in Databases

Some of our databases contain primary source material. Databases that have primary source material are noted like this on the database page:

Remember! Not all material in a database will be a primary source. You still need to examine the resource to make sure it is a primary source document. 

Primary Sources in Catalog

You can search for primary sources in the catalog by searching for keywords such as:

  • Correspondence
  • Document
  • Manuscripts
  • Personal Narratives
  • Reports
  • Speeches
  • Letters
  • Diary
  • Memoir

Tip: Combine them with a keyword related to your topic, such as civil war AND letters.


Websites for Locating Primary Sources

Tips: Any website can be changed without notice, so be sure to evaluate every site you use.  For help evaluating websites, see our evaluating websites page or read Berkeley's very thorough Evaluating Websites: Techniques to Apply.

Primary Sources in Databases

You can search for primary sources in databases by searching for items such as:

  • Diaries
  • Interviews
  • Legal documents
  • Reports
  • Speeches
  • Letters
  • Historical newspapers or magazines
  • Eyewitness video
  • Images
  • Works of art
  • Data sets
  • Results of experiments and clinical trials


  • Use the "Advanced Search" option and enter a term listed above as a keyword  combined with a keyword related to your topic, such as civil war AND letters
  • Some, but not all, databases offer a content or material type limiter built into the Advanced Search options. Select one or more terms listed above, or other relevant primary sources, to help you locate these sources in a database.