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ENGL 2013 Shakespeare I -- Kelley

The Assignment

The Assignment

Map of Early Modern London (MoEML) Assignment:

Description, Student Learning Outcomes, Timeline, and Contributor Guidelines


In your MoEML digital humanities project you will be asked to take on the role of a forensic historian to co-author an online encyclopedia entry for one of six sites associated with recreation, gardens, or bear-baiting: 


·      Covent Garden

·      Bear Garden

·      Pike Garden

·      Ely Place Garden

·      Hatton Garden

·      Smithfields


These are real historical locations (some still active) in London that pertain in some way to Shakespeare’s plays and the world of Renaissance theater. Your contributions will be drafted, revised, revised again, presented, graded, and then vetted by myself and a team of researchers at the University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. If they are found to meet our standards your writing will be published on the interactive website and used by scholars and students across the globe for years to come. You will receive credit for this publication on the website and you will have a digital humanities publication byline for your CV or resume as you enter the job market or continue on to graduate school.  This is an invaluable, once in a lifetime experience and I hope that you come to share my enthusiasm: I promise to guide you every step of the way.


This assignment is crucial for our course goals, one of which is developing writing and oral skills through research.  Learning objectives that pertain to this project are as follows:


o   Demonstrate ethical use of library sources

o   Evaluate sources of information

o   Analyze, summarize, and synthesize information from diverse sources

o   Communicate information and conclusion to others through writing and brief oral presentation

o   Revise and edit writing

o   Appropriately cite sources of information


This assignment, in each of its components, will help you learn how to do all of these objectives.  Therefore its weight is quite significant.


Key dates:


·      9/4-9/25                       Form research groups and select topic; review website and guidelines online; claim topic on Blackboard

·      September 29              MoEML Library research session, room 114

·      October 2                    In-class drafting time

·      October 16                  Walk-in library research session with Curtis Ferree, room 114

·      October 20                  DUE: draft 1 of essay and bibliography submitted to me on googledocs.

o   Draft 1 and bibliography on googledocs is worth 5% of final grade.

·      December 8                 DUE:  MoEML poster presentation in groups, final collaborative essays and bibliographies, and individually authored reflective                                              essay

o   Poster presentation: 5% of final grade

o   Final collaborative essay: 20% of final grade

o   Individual reflective essay: 5% of final grade

·      April 2015                  Participate in Research and Creative Accomplishments Symposium 

·      Near future                 

Accepted collaborative essays will be published permanently online at the MoEML website for scholars, students, and independent researchers to access free of charge. To be accepted, the essay must pass my examination and the essay will be peer-reviewed; that is, judged by the scholars who direct the website.