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ENGL 2013 Shakespeare I -- Kelley

Research Questions

Research Questions

it is important that you have reflected on the research questions you will need to answer prior to beginning your research and certainly before presenting your results in the form of an encyclopedia article.


Different types of articles will need to address different research questions, but generally all location articles in MoEML’s encyclopedia will need to answer the following:


·      Where is the street/site/playhouse?

·      What was/is its name, and has it changed over time?

·      What is its significance?

·      What is its history?

·      Does this street/site/playhouse have literary significance? In other words, is it mentioned or highlighted in the literature (plays, poems, prose works, etc.) of the day?

·      What did it look like (if visual evidence and/or eyewitness accounts survive)?


Playhouses are a special category on our site and demand that you answer a few additional research questions:


·      What was on the site before it was used for a playhouse?

·      If the playhouse was torn down, moved, or repurposed, what was on the site afterwards?

·      What is the construction and renovation history of the playhouse, if known?

·      What is its playing history? Which theatre companies played there and when? What plays are known to have been performed there?


You may find many references to your street/site/playhouse from before 1550 and after 1650. Providing some of the medieval history of the site is helpful, especially as that history was known to early modern Londoners via John Stow’s A Survey of London and other contemporary sources. You should be careful to distinguish what we know now about the early history of the site from what early modern Londoners understood about their city’s history. Be sparing in your reports of the site’s history after 1650. However, if known, it is useful to provide a brief note explaining whether or not the site still exists and, if so, what occupies the site now, and/or how a street, for instance, may have changed its course over time.