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ENGL 2013 Shakespeare I -- Kelley

Finding Images

Fairfield Guide for Finding Images

Finding Images

Images are both an informative and aesthetically pleasing way to enhance your encyclopedia article. However, it is vital that we only use images for which we can obtain proper permissions. Fortunately, a number of sites offer freely available images, and simply ask that we credit them. If you find an image to illustrate your article, send us the stable URL and we will upload the image into our database.


Luna is the Folger Shakespeare Library’s database of tens of thousands of digital images. We can

embed any of these images on our site for free, with appropriate credit to the Folger.


Check out the British Library’s Flickr site. Here, you’ll find over 1 million images from books from 1600-1800. We can add any of these images to your article.


Collage is the City of London’s image database. If you want to include an image from this site, send us the stable URL. We cannot simply take images from this site, but, if the image is essential to your article, MoEML will negotiate with Collage on your behalf.


Check out your own rare books library and/or special collections. You may well have treasures right on your own campus. If your library will digitize any relevant images from old books or maps, we would be delighted to include them in MoEML and give your institution full credit.