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ENGL 2013 Shakespeare I -- Kelley

General Sources/Detailed Histories

Additional Resources

General Sources

Weinreb, Ben, Christopher Hibbert, Julia Keay, and John Keay. The London Encyclopaedia. 3rd ed. Photography by Matthew Weinreb. London: Macmillan, 2008. Print. This source offers helpful short entries about the history of a street, site, or playhouse both before and after the early modern period. (Secondary Source) Available in Reference: Ref DA679.L78 1986  


Harben, Henry. A Dictionary of London. London: Henry Jenkins, 1918. Print. Digital transcription and reprint by British History Online. Web. This free resource is organized alphabetically. You can also do keyword searches for words that occur within entries. We cite from the BHO transcription of Harben. In our citations, we give Harben’s name and the title of the entry in which we found the information. (Secondary Source)


Panton, Kenneth J. Historical Dictionary of London. Lanham, MD, and London: Scarecrow P, 2001. Print. Historical Dictionaries of Cities of the World, No. 11. Print. (Secondary Source) Available On Reserve

Detailed Histories

The Survey of London, 1900-2013 (not Stow’s A Survey of London, but in many ways an homage to and continuation of Stow’s project). 50 volumes have been published, of which 47 volumes have been transcribed and digitally reprinted by British History Online. This source is especially useful for the history of buildings. Note that this ongoing project has not covered every part of London. (Secondary Source) No direct link---search BHO.


British History Online. BHO is a massive repository of primary and secondary sources, some of which we have singled out above. Use BHO’s search categories to refine the number and type of sources you search at one time. (Primary and Secondary Sources)


Kingsford’s edition of Stow’s A Survey of London. Available from BHO. Stow’s Survey is the most important primary source for the street/site essays. Despite Stow’s nostalgia, his text is rich in names, history, and details; in addition, his text influenced what newcomers to London knew about the city. Until our own versioned editions of the 1598, 1603, 1618, and 1633 texts of Stow’s Survey are available on our site, please cite from Kingsford. We will update your citations to point to our edition when our work is complete. (Primary Source) On Reserve


Strype, John. A Survey of the Cities of London and Westminster. 2 vols. London, 1720. Print. This eighteenth-century update of Stow’s Survey has been turned into a searchable, scholarly electronic edition by Dr. Julia Merritt and her team, and published by hriOnline in 2007. Strype is particularly useful if you want to know what happened to your street or site during and after the Great Fire in 1666. MoEML cites from Merritt’s electronic edition. (Primary Source)


Machyn, Henry. A London Provisioner’s Chronicle, 1550-1563, by Henry Machyn: Manuscript, Transcription, and Modernization. Ed. Richard W. Bailey, Marilyn Miller, and Colette Moore. Ann Arbor: U of Michigan P, 2006. Web. Open. Machyn recorded the details of many processions and funerals in his chronicle, one of the most important eye-witness accounts of sixteenth-century London. MoEML cites from this edition rather than Nichols’s now-outdated nineteenth-century print edition. (Primary Source)


Holinshed’s Chronicles is a rich source for information about events in London’s past. A searchable transcription of the 1577 and 1587 editions, with links to the EEBO images, is available at The Holinshed Project. We cite from The Holinshed Project’s transcription of the 1587 text. (Primary Source)


Chamberlain, John. The Letters of John Chamberlain. Ed. Norman Egbert McClure. 2 vols. Philadelphia: American Philosophical Society, 1939. Print. Chamberlain was a prolific letter-writer and regular Paul’s walker (i.e., someone who walked the aisles at St. Paul’s Church, a good place to hear gossip). His letters are not only full of details about London’s people and places, but they are genuinely fun to read. (Primary Source) On Reserve


Oxford English Dictionary. Do a full-text search of the OED online; you need to go to the Advanced Search tab to do so. The entries may lead you to some interesting quotations. (Dictionary with quotations from Primary Sources) Library Subscription


Bibliography of British and Irish History (BBIH) incorporates the bibliographies formerly known as London’s Past Online and Irish History OnlineAvailable in Reference: Ref Z2016.A55 1976  


Historical Abstracts is a subscription database that gives you a bibliography and short overview of academic articles published in History journals. Your university library will almost certainly have access to this bibliography. Library Subscription


MLA International Bibliography. This electronic subscription bibliography may be useful for finding books and articles that will help you determine the literary significance of a street or site, or the theatre history of a playhouse. Your university library will almost certainly have access to this bibliography. Library Subscription through Literary Reference Center Plus