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RefWorks User Guide: 7. Using RefWorks for Citations in Word -- Mac OS

*Important Note*

The Word plugin for Mac is only available for Word 2016 or later. To learn about to add in this plugin, visit: https://refworks.proquest.com/tools/

For earlier versions of Word, follow the below instructions for installing Write-N-Cite.

1. Install RefWorks Tools

Click the Tools drop down menu then choose Tools again.



Download and install Write-N-Cite.



Follow onscreen instructions to install. Click Help if you need it.

2. Log in to Proquest Tool Bar

Once installed locate the RefWorks toolbar and click login.




Click login.



After login the RefWorks toolbar becomes active.

3. Creating Citations and Bibliographies

Select the style you want to use from menu.



On the far left of the toolbar click Insert Citation.



Select the folder with your source then select the source to cite. Add page numbers if necessary. Check it over then click Save.



RefWorks will insert the citation where you've placed your cursor.


When you are ready to add to a bibliography click on the Insert Bibliography button.



Bibliography will be added accorded to the settings you have selected.