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Publishing Community Engaged Scholarship (CES)

Cited Reference Searching

Finding Cited References in Books

Finding citations inside books, can be difficult.  Digitized books make it somewhat easier.

  • Google Books - try searching title of work and/or author's name
  • Google Scholar - first find work in Google Scholar and then click on Cited By link.  Books may come up in results.


Contact a Librarian

Tracking down cited references, finding journal acceptance rates and locating data to judge the prestige of a journal can be difficult.

A librarian is available to assist you. Contact one directly or schedule an appointment for in-depth research assistance. You may choose to meet with a librarian in-person  or by telephone. This appointment service is available Monday-Friday.

Google Scholar


Google Scholar

How Do I use Google Scholar?

Part 1: Scholar Settings

Additional information:

Finding Cited References using Databases

Cited References in Databases
Cited References count how many times a given work has been cited by others.

The resources listed below contain information on cited reference counts. As different sources index different titles, it is best to check all of the applicable sources and remove duplicate cited references for an accurate count.


Contents strongest in: Astronomy, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Engineering, Environment & Ecology, Finance, Math, Medicine, Nursing, Physics, Sociology.
**Specify Fairfield University (via Scholar Settings) for enhanced access to our library resources.






Environmental Studies




Information Systems and Technology


LGBT, Sexuality, Gender Studies