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MUSC 1122: World Music History

Assignment Info

Final Research Paper

Final Exam Research Paper

Assignment: The final exam will be a research paper based on the music and culture of one of the study areas that was covered in class or a pre-approved other region. Approximately 8-10 pages will be written and it should give a solid view of a country's music and cultural diversity. The paper must include listening analysis that exemplifies the region being studied. Extra credit will be given if the paper is handed in one week before the deadline. An oral report will be given during the last two weeks of class based on the paper and your class summary.

Tips for Success

from Professor Brian Torff
(as taken from class syllabus)


    • There is a considerable difference between reporting or retelling, and in-depth critical anaylysis.
    • The goal is to read, think and question in order to reach conclusions and insightful meanings.
    • Begin by forming the questions. What are the issues, conflicts and challenges that are presented?
    • Don't tell us, show us. Use examples, cite sections of the text and quotes to support your points. Make us believe or at least raise our own questions.
    • Ultimately, what does the material that is presented mean to you, to us, and to society in general? State your views based on the questions you raise with your personal insight.

      Getting Started...Topics Workshop



      To get started, think about what you know and ask questions about what you don't know….

      • What are the issues, conflicts, challenges…?
      • What is the time period?
      • What is the location?
      • Are you focusing on a Specific Instrument/Lyrics?
      • What are the political, economic and social factors?
      • Do you see musical influence from other genres?
      • What is the trend over time? Do you have specific examples?
      • Do you need biographical information?
      • How is it significant?

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