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NS 610 Advanced Nursing Roles and Reflective Practice -- Kazer

Role Paper Assignment

The Assignment

Role Paper

Choose a clinical scenario in which you participated or observed during your past experience as a nurse.  Document the scenario in the form of a one-page case study, complete with a beginning, middle and end. Articulate the issue within the scenario and conduct a review of literature on this topic. The articles used for the review must be research-based, from the past five years, and from nursing, medicine, or other related disciplines. Aim for 10 to 20 references, noting key historical material as relevant, but emphasizing the latest literature. Thus strong papers will rely heavily on primary empirical literature and will not rely heavily on other reviews (except to note what has already been concluded). The topic will be of your choosing-- it can be any aspect of clinical relevant to your interests. Be sure to include consideration of the advanced nursing role in the current management of the issue and how you would recommend the use of reflective practice. Also include a section exploring the issue from a cultural perspective.  Conclude the paper with a summary of the currently available information and speculate about the future management of the issue, and/or the direction of the research.  The paper should not be written in first person; the length should be no more than 10 pages double spaced with subject headings, outlined as follows:


Section I          Introduction – Incidence and prevalence of the problem in 2-3 paragraphs, concluding with, This paper will…. (5 points)

Section II         Case study - (15 pts).

Section II         Summary of the Issue & Review of the Literature (be sure to include the purpose, methods, results and conclusions of each study reviewed- (30 pts)

Section III       Advanced Practice Nursing Role – (15 pts)

Section V         Cultural Perspective– (15 pts)

Section IV       Summary of Literature & Future Direction – (5 pts)

Section VI       Format & Reference List - APA format is required and readability of entire paper is essential. Proper grammar, spelling, and sentence structure are required.  (15 pts).



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