International Student Library Information: Textbooks

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Buying/Renting Your Textbooks

Visit the Fairfield University Bookstore website to learn which textbooks are required for your courses.

Enter in your course information and a list of required textbooks will appear.

Fairfield University Bookstore website

The bookstore will match the Amazon or Barnes & Nobles price of any textbook you find online for a lower price. You may also be able to rent your textbooks from the bookstore. For more information, please contact the bookstore: (203)-255-7756 or email

Where's My Textbook?

Is my textbook available through the library?

Depending on what your library is like back home, you may be used to checking out course textbooks from your school or local library. As a general rule, we are not able to purchase textbooks for our collection, because new editions are published nearly every year. In the rare situation in which we do purchase a course textbook, we would only purchase one copy, not enough for an entire class to check out for the entire semester.

We also have a small growing collection of Student Donated Textbooks that are available for in-library use (use up to 4 hours). Click here for the list of available titles. Students can donate their textbooks (or any required course texts) to the Library at the end of the semester by dropping off to the Library Services & Information Desk and filling out a green donation form.   STUDENT DONATED TEXTBOOKS COLLECTION  AVAILABLE FOR NORMAL BORROWING PERIODS (28 days) IN FALL 2020. NO SHORT TERM LOANS. BOOKS ARE BEHIND THE LIBRARY SERVICES & INFORMATION DESK.

I can't afford to buy my textbook. What should I do?

If you feel as though it's going to be difficult for you to purchase all of your course textbooks, there is another option - you can ask your professor to put a copy of the textbook on reserve at the library. Course Reserve books are held at the Library Services & Information Desk, can be used within the library only for four hours at a time. This ensures that the book is available for all students in the course who might need it.  COURSE RESERVES NOT AVAILABLE IN FALL 2020. Professor may be able to give copy to the Library for library staff to digitize some chapters that you need.

If you are uncomfortable talking to your professor about this, the library staff are happy to make an anonymous request for a textbook to be put on reserve on behalf of a student. Email Sylvia Hurlburt as well as the Library Services & Information Desk, provide the course title, professor name, and textbook title, and we'll reach out to your professor.

There is also a small collection of textbooks available in the Office Student Diversity & Multicultural Affairs (lower level of the Barone Campus Center) that are available to borrow. This collection is separate from the Library's Student Donated Textbook Collection.