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Unique Author IDs

Unique Author IDs

Information and Powerpoint from faculty workshop given in April 2013

Why do you need a unique identifier?

Main goal: resolve author name ambiguites

  • Name similarities
  • Name variations
  • Changes in institutional affiliations

Additional benefits

  • Create an online custom profile or CV
  • Track research outputs, such as publications, grants, data
  • Search for and collaborate with other researchers

How can you set up an ID?

The following links will enable you to register with these author identification systems and will provide information on how the systems itegrate with each other:


Open Researcher and Contributor ID

  • Public registry launched in October 2012
  • Non-profit
  • Freely available to individuals
  • Links with other ID systems


From Thompson Reuters

  • Links to ORCID record
  • Builds a publication list through Web of Science
  • Includes citation metrics, grants and patents information
  • Identifies global network of researcher for potential collaboration

Powerpoint Presentation