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ALL Search - Library's Single Search

Getting Started

What is All Search?

All Search is a single search box that allows you to

  • search the content owned and accessible to the DiMenna-Nyselius Library using a Google-like interface.

When To Use All Search

  • you are first starting your research  
  • to get ideas or background info on your topic
  • searching for a topic in a multi-disciplinary field
  • as an alternative to Google - easy searching but with more credible results


When to Use Other Resources

All Search is great for quick searches, initial searches or background searches.  There will be times when you'd like to dig deeper.  Consider using other search tools for the following,

Single Search the Library's Academic Resources for class

Content and images adapted from Temple University and Queens University Library under a "Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial" license

Use tabs to choose the right search for you

All Search

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