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AHST 1110 - Myth in Classical Art (Schwab)



Hello! This course guide has been created for students enrolled in AHST: Myth in Classical Art. In this guide, you will find several resources intended to help with your final research paper. 

Below is a description of the pages found in the menu above:

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  • Find Books
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  • Images 
  • Websites
  • Citing your Sources
  • Tutorials

Research Help

Research librarians are available to help you! See the Ask a Librarian box on this page for the various ways to get help.

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Myth Related Objects Provided by Dr. Schwab

Main website for our Fairfield University Art Museum

Current exhibitions in the Bellarmine Hall Galleries

Antiquities in the Bellarmine Hall Galleries

On view in the Bellarmine Hall Galleries:

Coin with lion

Coin with Arethusa

Coin with Alexander the Great wearing the lion head helmet (of Herakles)

Coin with Athena

Coin with flower and reverse with male head (god?)

Coin with Eumenes I and reverse with seated armed Athena

Coin with Antiochus III and reverse with seated Apollo

Coin with woman(?) and reverse with Aeneas fleeing Troy with his father Anchises and a statue of Athena (the Palladion)

Mosaic with Agora

Bronze mirror with Dioskouroi

Greek vase with Eos and Tithonos

Greek lekythos fragment with Amazon

On view in BLM LL Cast Corridor:

Plaster cast of Nike as Sandalbinder, from Nike Parapet

Centaur vs Lapith, from Parthenon south metopes

Amazon vs Greek, from Mausoleum at Halikarnassos

Dionysos vs Giant, from Parthenon east metopes

Fig. G/Artemis, from Parthenon east pediment

On View in Quick Center Lobby:

Crouching Aphrodite

Torso of Poseidon, from Parthenon west pediment

On View in Library LL:

Grand Eleusis Relief with Demeter, Triptolemos, and Persephone

Athena and Theseus, from Athenian Treasury at Delphi

Class Example: Dionysus on Ship with Dolphins by Exekias

Title: Dionysus on ship with dolphins, interior of an Attic black-figure kylix

By: Exekias

Retrived from: ARTstor

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