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AHST 1120: Medieval Art in Western Europe (Rose)

Getting Started

How to Use This Guide

This guide was designed to assist you in searching for print and online to support your AHST 1120 research paper. It is organized based on the type of research you will need to conduct: Historical Context, Subject Matter and Symbolism, Style and Function. It is important to note that some of the resources do not fit neatly into only one category. For example, a recommended resource for symbolism might also be helpful for researching the style of a work of art.

The types of materials that you will need for this assignment include reference materials, books, and scholarly articles. As a general rule, you should search for these resource types in the following locations:

  • Reference Materials: online or in print reference materials include encyclopedias, dictionaries, and atlases. Many of you will find them useful for this assignment.
  • Books: search for books/ebooks in the library catalog (use the Books tab on the library homepage)
  • Scholarly articles: search for articles in library databases, such as JSTOR.

For any research questions feel free to Ask a Librarian

Research Tips

-Reference tools such as dictionaries and encyclopedias are good places to start your research because they provide an overview of the topic as well as keywords, dates, and facts. Each tab includes a few.

-To further research Style and Function, Subject and Symbolism, or Historical Context you can search for BOOKS/EBOOKS. Use the link in the "Finding Books & Media" tab of this guide or use the "Books" tab on the library homepage.

-Try looking at the bibliography at the end of the entry/book/article for a list of other sources such as relevant journal articles and books.

-When you have found print books on your topic, look at the books on the shelf nearby to see if they are related to your topic.

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