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Academic Integrity Tutorial: Graduate Academic Integrity Tutorials

Graduate Academic Integrity Tutorials *

Our scholarly community is built on academic integrity. As a graduate student, you are an important part of the Fairfield University community of scholars. We invite you to commit to the highest standards of academic behavior, and to display courage in following through on your commitment.


All graduate students are required to complete an academic integrity tutorial. The tutorial should take about 30 minutes to complete. Students are required to complete the relevant tutorial early in their first semester at Fairfield University (October 1 for fall admission and March 1 for spring admission). Students will be enrolled in the tutorial at the beginning of each semester.

* Certificate students are also required to take the same academic integrity tutorial as the graduate students.

Stag with Integrity


The instructions to take the academic integrity tutorial are as follows:

  1. Log into Blackboard at
  2.    Locate your “My Communities and Organizations” section.
  3.  Open the Academic Integrity Tutorial. This tutorial will be specific to your graduate school, so look for a title that reflects this, ex. DSB Academic Integrity Tutorial.
  4. Once you select the course, follow the directions to complete the tutorial.

*Please note: the professor's email box should be left blank when submitting the post-quiz.

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