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Academic Integrity

ICAI Academic Integrity Survey

The Academic Integrity Survey ran from October 22- Nov. 18, 2012 on fairfield University campus.

This survey has been widely administered by Professor Don McCabe from Rutgers University over the past twenty years or so to 100's of colleges with over 80,0000 students surveyed.  The work is facilitated by the International Center for Academic Integrity, which operates out of the Robert J. Rutland Institute for Ethics at Clemson University. 

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Academic Integrity Task Force

Charge of Academic Integrity Assessment Task Force:

  1. Assess student and faculty attitudes and behaviors in classrooms, labs, and on assignments and exams using the Academic Integrity Assessment Survey.

  2.  Analyze/Identify potential concerns using our survey results and review current academic integrity programs and policies.

  3. Establish working groups comprised of a broad mix of university stakeholders to develop action plans to address concerns identified in #2 above.

  4. Promote an open dialogue about academic integrity issues on campus


Members of the Academic Integrity Assessment Task Force

Kathy Nantz (Chair), Jackie Kremer (Campus Coordinator), Beth Boquet (Fall 2012), David Sapp (Spring 2012), Karen Donoghue, Christina McGowan, David Schmidt, Joyce Shea, Jim Simon, Joan Weiss, Pat Calderwood and Joan Weiss.

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