RefWorks User Guide: Introduction to RefWorks

New to RefWorks?

RefWorks is an online bibliography manager that allows you to create your own personal database by importing references from text files or databases. You can use these references in writing papers and automatically format the bibliography in seconds. 

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What about RefWorks Legacy Platform?

The RefWorks legacy edition is still available for use until September 2017. ProQuest will be adding features of the legacy product into the new RefWorks product over the course of 2016 in preparation for sun setting RefWorks legacy edition. 

Access RefWorks legacy edition

Information for Flow users

As of January 18th 2016, Flow has been officially rebranded to the new RefWorks. 

What does this mean for current Flow users?

  • All Flow accounts are automatically transferred to the new RefWorks platform, you do not have to created a new username and password. All of your saved citations should be in tact.
  • If you downloaded the "Save to Flow" bookmarklet before, you will need to delete this and download the new "Save to RefWorks" bookmarklet.
  • If you downloaded the ProQuest for Word in Flow, you will need to uninstall this plugin and reinstall with the new Write-N-Cite for Windows. *NOTE* Write-N-Cite for Windows will not work with Word 2007 or the 64 bit Word 2010 but will work with 32 bit version of Word 2010, 2013, and 2016. If you are a Mac user, Write-N-Cite currently does not work on Word 2016 but does work on previous versions since 2011.

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Are you using the new Refworks or the legacy Refworks?

As of August 2016, whenever you are exporting a reference from a database or the library catalog, this message will pop up. Choose which RefWorks version you want your citation to export to. If you are a RefWorks legacy user and have questions about switching to the new RefWorks, ask a librarian.