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PY 430 Issues in Professional Practice - Gill Lopez

Resources & Research Tips

Welcome PY 430!

This is the research guide for your Issues in Professional Practice course. My name is Miguel García and I am the research librarian leading your class session. If you need further help this semester feel free to contact me at or any of the reference librarians here at DiMenna-Nyselius.

Below, you will find some database suggestions (on the left) for locating scholarly journal articles to support your research paper.

In the right-hand column - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

Databases for Psychology

Databases for Education

Databases for Sociology

Searching in the databases

  • When searching databases, use AND, OR, and parentheses to focus your search.
  • The asterisk * symbol will search for all variations of a word. For example: basket* will search for baskets and basketry. Using quotes will search for a phrase.
  • Combine synonyms with OR and put them inside parentheses, like this:
femini* AND (film OR "motion picture")
Already have the citation? Find an article with citation linker

Tests & Measurements

Looking for reviews of tests or need to locate testing instruments?  Find help in our Tests and Measures Guide.


Evaluate Your Sources

The video below recaps the peer review process, which you are probably already familiar with. The following are additonal important criteria to consider as you complete your literature reviews:

  • become familiar with the major scholars working on your research topic
  • keep an eye out for bias, errors, contradictions, or misinformation
  • research the sponsorship of the research study
  • consider intercultural, political, international, and ethnic influences or perspectives
  • visit this guide made by librarians at UNC for more in-depth information on evaluation

Beyond the DNL

Can't find the book or article you want?

Try Interlibrary Loan (ILL)!

  • Use materials from other libraries' collections free of charge.
  • Articles arrive via e-mail within 3-5 business days.
  • Books arrive within 2 weeks and are held in your name.
  • You will be notified by e-mail when your items arrive.

Request materials online:

If all else fails, you can always try searching Google Books to see if you can access the partial or full text of the book you need!


Use Google Scholar as shown in class to locate more recent research. Paste in the title of your article in quotes and then click on the Cited By link to see all of the articles that have subsequently cited the original article. This is also a great tool to use to gauge influential an article is - how many times has it been cited?

Google Scholar


Google Alerts are a great way to follow a company or topic. Set up one here: 

Ask a Librarian

Still not finding what you need? A Librarian is available to help!

Schedule a Research Appointment Chat with a librarian 24/7 Reference Desk Hours